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Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association

Winter 2014-2015

President's Message



Greetings from the Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association! If you are not already a member, please consider joining this great organization. We would be honored and delighted if you took a moment to consider joining what truly is the only organization of its kind!  If you are a member, thank you!

Who We Are!

The LPBA was founded back in 1959 and remains a unique national and international bar association devoted to the development and promotion of aviation and aviation law in all of their respective forms. With members all across the United States and many other countries, it fills a special niche in the multitude of professional associations by bringing together a diverse mix of lawyers, pilots and aviation aficionados who love flight in all its forms and understand the importance of the legal regimes, concepts, organizations and practitioners who support it. 

But of course, your LPBA membership is more than that. We’re people who understand the camaraderie of flight and of the special people who are drawn to it.  By joining, you’ll be reconnected with all the men and women who take pride and pleasure in helping one another out professionally and enjoying the esprit de corps of the LPBA with friends new and old. A new website in development this year will facilitate this in new and exciting ways. Remember, membership is not limited to just folks who are both lawyers and pilots.  All persons with an interest in both aviation and the law are encouraged to join.  We welcome members who are lawyers with an interest in aviation, as well as non-lawyers with an interest in aviation law.

The LPBA Journal!

Upon joining the LPBA you will enjoy our always-interesting and educational quarterly LPBA Journal, whose editor is always looking for new articles from folks like you.  You must have a story to tell about an interesting subject such as how the law applies to a certain flight or aviation transaction; or how you helped young kids discover the great opportunities in all aspects of aviation. Let's get it written, and have it published in the LPBA Journal!

The LPBA Conventions!

And, your membership invites you into the world of our amazing meetings where friends and families are always welcome! Our biannual meetings are a highlight of the membership experience. In 2014 we met at the InterContinental Hotel in New Orleans just before Mardi Gras, and at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort near Albuquerque last summer.  At both meetings, we enjoyed quality CLE in the mornings and enjoyed unique activities in the afternoons (including such as things as balloon rides, gun-range practice, and our unique member-flown Spot Landing Demonstrations). The member-flown aircraft participating in the 2014 spot landing events included piston singles (Cessna, Cirrus and Piper), piston twins (Aero Commander, Aerostar and Piper), turboprops (Commander 690 and TBM 700), and even the crowd-pleasing Stemme S-10 motorglider. 
Next year we’ll gather in Cozumel, Mexico for our Winter meeting, for all the obvious reasons. Join us February 11-15, 2015, at the Sunscape Sabor Resort on Cozumel Island, Mexico, a fabulous, all-inclusive resort on this Caribbean island located just 12 miles east of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.  We’ll have another great CLE program, including presentations from leaders of the Mexican aviation/legal communities, and almost endless recreational and educational/cultural opportunities on the island.

Our Summer Convention will be held July 22-26, 2015, at the Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel, in Watkins Glen, New York. This area is an under-appreciated cradle of US aviation and an absolutely delightful summer recreational area. The hotel is located on the shores of Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes region of western New York State.  This region is famous for its stunning glacier-scoured lakes, abundant wineries, beautiful scenery, outdoor activities (including hiking in the Glen and driving on the famous race course), and of course its aviation history.  In addition to more great CLE, this convention will include a visit to the world-class Glenn Curtiss Museum, whose vast collection will open your eyes to the work of the Wright Brothers' chief rival and adversary, Glenn Curtiss.

LPBA Membership!

The LPBA offers three levels of membership:

Regular/Associate/Affiliate Membership – just $119.00 a year.  A bargain! Try and match it. And remember, whether you’re a lawyer-pilot, a lawyer, a pilot, or someone who just loves aviation and the law, there’s a membership category for you.

Sustaining Membership - $250.00 a year.  This add-on level is recommended if you want to give you and/or your company special exposure, while showing your commitment to and support of the LPBA.  As a Sustaining Member, you will have a link on the LPBA website to your company’s page, or your email address.  You will also have your name published in each issue of the LPBA Journal, and receive special recognition at the Winter and Summer Conventions.

Student Membership – only $49.00 a year.  Still in school? Keep your professional knowledge and network growing with this special rate as you pursue your education.

We have automated our membership process to make it easy for you to join online, and to opt for automatic renewal so you won’t have another gap in your membership status.  Joining, whether annual or continuing, is easy - just go to this link on the website,    While on-line or using your devices, be sure to check out our LinkedIn page and our Facebook page and sign up to be a part of the LPBA community.

We look forward to you joining the LPBA, and to your participation in our many future LPBA events. For more information about membership and/or the upcoming conventions, please contact me or our executive director, Karen Griggs,
On behalf of the entire LPBA community, Mary and I extend to you and your loved ones our best wishes for the coming holiday season and the New Year, and thank you very much for your interest in the LPBA!  Please join now and accept our sincere thanks for doing so.


Russ Klingaman, President
The Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association
“Dedicated to aviation safety, the just administration of the law and continuing legal education”



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Russ Klingaman, LPBA President

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