It is with great sadness that the Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association reports the death of Sustaining Member Albert M. Orgain IV of the Sands Anderson law firm in Richmond, Virginia. 

The Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association extends its sincerest condolences to Jan, the Orgain family, and his firm. A funeral service will be held Wednesday, July 2nd  for more details please visit Memoriam.


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President's Greeting Summer 2014 Journal Issue


Greetings, fellow members of LPBA! With summer underway, Betsy and I are pleased to invite all of you to attend our summer meeting in Albuquerque, July 23rd thru 27th, 2014 and accept our welcome to the great American Southwest!  Albuquerque is in its heart, where three cultures come together and history abounds. 
The Anasazi originally settled the Southwest; Anasazi means “ancient ones”, referring to the Native American Indian tribes that originally migrated across the Bering Straits and descended southward, establishing cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde in Southwestern Colorado and massive stone kivas and communal housing in Chaco Canyon, which is in the heart of northwestern New Mexico.  Chaco Canyon was designated as an International Historical Preservation Site by the National Geographic Society in 1922.  It is a large-scale city that can be reached by a two and a half hour drive northwest of Albuquerque.  From Chaco Canyon the Anasazi continued to migrate to the south, establishing pueblos (Spanish for “villages”) as they did so. These pueblos were established by all of the agrarian Anasazi, and Albuquerque is surrounded by a number of them. 

One of these pueblos is the Santa Ana pueblo, which is the site of our summer meeting at the Tamaya Resort.  Members flying their own aircraft to the summer meeting can land at the Double-Eagle Airport (KAEG), which is a 20 to 30 minute drive to the hotel.

New Mexico is also the location of many historic aviation and scientific activities. The nuclear age was born through the research at the Manhattan project in Los Alamos (90 minutes north).  The Trinity Site where the first atom bomb was detonated is two hours south, at the edge of White Sands Missile Range.  Sandia Laboratories in Albuquerque is a National Laboratory excelling in nuclear science, nano-science, radiation, lasers, and many other exotic scientific undertakings.

After our Welcome Reception on Wednesday evening July 23rd, our meeting program will begin at 8:00 a.m. Thursday when we all board the bus at Tamaya and are whisked right to the US Air Force Safety Center at Kirtland Air Force Base.  The Safety Center is the worldwide “NTSB” for all US Air Force mishap aircraft.  Our tour will include an extensive briefing on the legal aspects of the Safety Center operations, and a visit to the “crash lab” where mishap aircraft are delivered from around the world for accident reconstruction, testing, and evaluation.

On our returning bus ride from Kirtland Air Force Base, we will enjoy eating a New Mexico favorite meal of burritos.  We will have a choice of burritos with green or red chili, and beverages. For our in-flight entertainment, your Journal editor will give another of his “Ethics: Circumnavigating the Burritos” – no, “Buildups,” sorry, Gary -- on the roll.  Back at the resort, NTSB Board Member (and former Vice-Chair) Robert Sumwalt will bring us up to date on latest issues in air crashes, aviation safety, and current NTSB initiatives.  It should be a most interesting first day of CLE.

Of course, your LPBA always has more than CLE at our meetings, The Albuquerque area is blessed with a multitude of outstanding golf courses; one of the finest, the Twin Warriors Golf Course, is at the Tamaya and we will begin our tournament at 2:00 p.m. Thursday. It is a championship golf course that is surrounded by historic and sacred Indian sites.

Anyone who is a golfing enthusiast is invited to play at our surrounding championship golf courses.  The Santa Ana golf course is just ten minutes to the south of our resort; Sandia Casino golf course is 20 minutes south (north edge of Albuquerque); the
Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Course is a mountain golf course on the east side of the Sandia Mountains, about an hour drive from the Tamaya Resort; and the Isleta Golf Course is about a 30 minute drive to the south.  I have personally played at all of these courses and can vouch for the fact each one of them is fantastic.  One word of caution:  if your ball rolls into the rough (HIGHLY unlikely, I know), use your club, NOT your hand, to retrieve it. This IS the Southwest, after all . . .
Albuquerque is also the hot air balloon capital of world, highlighted by the annual Balloon Fiesta held from the first to the second weekend in October each year.  On Friday morning, those members who have pre-registered with Rainbow Riders will be launched from the hotel site at 5:30 a.m. for their hot air balloon rides.  NOTE: pre-registration and sign-up with Rainbow Riders must be arranged two weeks before the start of our meeting (say, by July 9th) for all the logistics to be put in place.

Back on terra firma, the lead-off speaker for Friday morning is Tim McCullough, Partner with Hinshaw Culbertson in Phoenix, and will speak about Integrating Unmanned Aerial Systems Aircraft Operations into the General Aviation Airport Environment. 

In keeping with our Southwest tradition, New Mexico Supreme Court Justice Charles Daniels will provide us with a gun-smokin’ presentation: “Ethics and Justice in the New
Mexico Territorial Court.”  This will include several notorious (and probably unethical) gunfights in New Mexico -- Pat Garret, Billy the Kid, et al -- and highlight some interesting laws of the (Wild) West. 

Betsy has made arrangements for spouses to tour Santa Fe art galleries, and our favorite New Mexican restaurants.  The tour will include a walk up the historic Canyon Road art galleries district, and a visit to the Georgia O’Keefe art gallery.  There are many spouses’ and children’s events that will be held throughout the course of the meeting.  Just at the Tamaya, there will be horseback riding, Indian basket-making, Indian bread-making, Indian jewelry and bead work, and much more. 

Meanwhile, back at the CLE Corral, Robert McGeorge will provide us with a fascinating lecture and many reference materials arising from his experiences as the IATA General Counsel in negotiating international treaties for aviation safety.  Alan E. Diehl, PhD, is a nationally recognized expert on human factors and the originator of the concept of cockpit resource management, now known as CRM, or crew resource management.  Dr. Diehl’s career began at the Air Force Safety Center, included the NTSB, and continues to this day as an aviation expert.  Dr. Diehl will speak on the issues arising from automated cockpits and recent air crashes thought to have been related to the automation/flight crew interface. 

If a balloon ride Friday morning didn’t get you going, Friday afternoon will be filled with excitement as well! We begin with a tour of the Eclipse Aviation factory, located in the general aviation area of the Albuquerque International Airport.  Then, if the Wild West stories bring out the gunslinger in you, how about THIS?: machine-gun firing at the Caliber’s Shooting Sport Center begins at 5:00 p.m., and all are invited (so be nice to your spouse that day!).  Register at the LPBA desk so we can do the necessary planning.  Those members who wish to bring their own automatic weapons are invited to do so.  However, under ATF regulations members are responsible for carrying the necessary paperwork together with the firearms and will be expected to do so. 

Most of the weapons will be provided either free or at nominal charge. Please bring your credit cards or cash, and remember that automatic weapons shoot a lot of ammunition. Of course, we start in one of the classrooms for orientation, weapons familiarization, and safety training.  Mandatory safety gear includes earplugs, earmuffs, and safety glasses; if you do not have your own, the gear can be obtained at the range.  Calibers also has .50 caliber BMG sniper rifles that are available for firing.  We will have 12 shooting lanes reserved for us.

If you choose to participate, I guarantee one of the biggest adrenaline rushes you will ever have (except maybe one other, but this is more sustained!). Upon adjourning from the firing line, members are invited to walk across the court to the Daily Grind Restaurant for championship New Mexico green chili cheeseburgers, pastries, and suitable adult beverages. 

From balloons to ballistics to burgers, with airplanes and art and CLE along the way, all in one day – ONLY in the LPBA!

On Saturday, after the early Fun Run/Walk-Talk, we’ll begin CLE with “The History of Justice in Yellowstone Park” as presented by LPBA member and US Magistrate Judge for Yellowstone Mark Carman, who has spoken at our past meetings on issues surrounding the non-regulation of public aircraft.  The Southwest is also a hotbed of state and private space activities; Spaceport America is an agency of the State of New Mexico located at the Southwest corner of White Sands Missile Range, and speaker Christine Anderson, Spaceport’s Executive Director, employs in-house legal counsel there.  Christine will address the legal implications of ongoing space launches and upcoming launches of civilians into space.  Finally, William Kitzes, JD, is a nationally recognized product safety expert and will provide his insights into safety management systems and their evolution, beginning with his experiences as a product developer and later as Assistant General Counsel for the Consumer Product Safety Commission, then NASA and into general aviation.

Our distinctive LPBA Spot Landing Demonstration event will be held at the Belen-Alexander Airport (E80), an hour’s drive south of the resort, and lunch is available there.  Pilots, touchdown spotters and just airplane-loving observers are all welcome and encouraged to attend. It’s really a lot of fun. And of course, Saturday evening is our great closing dinner. And every evening along the way, our Hospitality Suite will be open for munchies, beverages of all kinds, and the fellowship for which LPBA is justly famous.
If you’ve never attended an LPBA meeting, this is a GREAT one to start off with.  First-timer “Blue-Dot” or meeting veteran, you will all have a wonderful time at the Summer Meeting.  Please register now, if you haven’t, and come join us! 

See you there ~


Jim and Betsy Gilman




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