Lawyer Pilot's Bar Association
Benefits of Membership

Are you interested in Aviation Law? Are you interested in Aviation and Aviation Safety? The Lawyer Pilots Bar Association may be what you have been looking for.

The Lawyer Pilots Bar Association is an international, non-profit Bar Association. While most of the Association's members are attorneys and pilots (or former pilots), these are not requirements for membership.

Eligibility for membership varies from persons who are licensed attorneys who possess or have held airman's certificates to persons who simply have an interest in Aviation Law or Aviation Safety. The various classes of membership are listed on the application.

The Association provides significant benefits to its members in exchange for modest annual dues of $129.00. First and foremost, LPBA publishes a first class Journal on a quarterly basis. Topics are pertinent to aviators and Aviation Lawyers involved in FAA enforcement actions, accident litigation, and generally advising aircraft owners and airmen. Take a look at a sample edition of the LPBA JOURNAL

The organization holds two main seminar-conventions each year for which a separate registration fee is collected. The goals of the conventions are to provide the membership with an opportunity to hear from legal and aviation experts on a wide variety of interesting topics, providing attorneys with valuable educations materials and Continuing Legal Education credits, and socializing with people of similar interests at convention sites selected to maximize fun and relaxation. Each convention includes a banquet dinner, social gatherings, golf and tennis tournaments, and time to visit the local area's attractions.

Convention sites are rotated throughout the North America so that convention will be held relatively near most members at least every other year. Convention sites have included Cancun, Durango, the Napa Valley, San Diego, Nashville, Las Vegas, Mackinac Island, Treasure Cay, Vergennes, Nantucket Island, Oconomowoc and San Juan PR. LPBA conventions are designed to be family vacation getaways; there is no better way to combine a vacation with a professional convention! Take a look at reports and photographs from our recent conventions.

We believe that our Association provides its members with new professional and personal relationships, networking opportunities, and a reason to get out of the office to visit interesting places. Please take a moment to fill out and submit the membership application if your background and interests make LPBA an organization you should belong to. We look forward to seeing you at one of our future meetings!

LPBA Membership Chairman: Jim Wade Email

Membership Application

Apply for Membership Here After completing the application form you can pay for the dues with a credit card, or send a check to:
Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association,
P.O. Box 1510
Edgewater, MD 21037.

You may also call our Executive Director, Karen Griggs at (410) 571-1750 to request that LPBA mail you an application.

2016 LPBA President Glenn Cook